Utilizing Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Tips on How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market Your Site

utilizing-social-media-to-drive-traffic-to-your-siteSo now you have built yourself an awesome website, what next? It wouldn’t do you any good if no one sees it, would it?

While many small businesses rely on their site as their basic marketing podium, they don’t know how to attract or drive traffic to their websites.

Having a well laid out plan for social media marketing can be the best approach to this form of communication.

Therefore, if you are looking for tips on how to use social media to market your site, you have come to the right place. By the time you finish reading the last word in this article, you will be the star in your own game.

 Include Your Website on Your Social Network Accounts

The first thing you need to do is to include your website’s URL to your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Each of this social network accounts has a space where you can include your site URL.

 Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

social-media-monitoringOnce you have set your URL with all your social media accounts, you can start to proactively monitor and take part in your social network operations.

By proactively, I only mean that you should reach out to all your active clients to convince them to check out your website.

It is also important to share information on your site to all the prospects. Make sure that you also listen to the different questions, opinions and sentiments made by your customers.

Share a link on your site to answer all their questions.


 Start A Company Blog

start-company-blogOne of the biggest challenges that most site owners face is coming up with fresh and engaging content. The easiest way to manage your website is through the use of a blog.

If your grammar sucks or if you can’t write as quick as you would wish, you can employ a good freelance writer to do this for you. Remember, the quality and quantity of your content matters a lot.

Also, don’t stuff your site with pure information only, upload and share videos on your YouTube channel; this is also a good way create brand awareness.

For more ideas on how to use videos for brand marketing, you can check VidStory or Storify.

If you find a video that you think is resourceful, embed it on your blog. If you feel that you have information that will be valuable to your audience, create a well-designed infographics or create a presentation and upload it on SlideShare.

You will attract more followers if your content is fresh, relevant and useful to your target market.


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