Modern Marketing Strategy for the Generation Y Market

Targeting Millenials

targeting-millenialsIf you have a small business you may be wondering how to increase your customer base even after you have already advertised in the newspaper, radio and on your own website. What else is happening? Sure, maybe a television commercial would work. Although, many people now have a way to record live television and watch it later; fast forwarding through the advertisements. What else can you do to reach more people?

Online Video Advertising

online-video-advertisingThink about the last time you saw, well, anyone. Their phones were probably glued to their hands or they were telling you about their new tablet or fancy new laptop. Millennials are infamous for breaking away from all things traditional, meaning, small-medium sized businesses like yours need to keep up with the times.

Now, everything from social interactions to business is done at the speed of light online and other businesses have figured out how to fit in their company’s advertising into these interactions. Getting your business in front of these people is essential because this is where they are most of the time – online.

It doesn’t mean an ad banner on Facebook or adding a social media site to amplify your online website; get your product noticed with a video. Videos are engaging and grab the attention of the viewer both visually and by audio.

Skipping Videos

skip-adYou’ve searched through video websites. You’ve checked the X on the advertisements. Why would yours be any different? It won’t. That’s not a bad thing though!

There are a couple things about video advertisements online. One of them is that if you are on a site like YouTube, they have to watch your video before getting to the video they searched for. In many cases there is a skip video button but they have to watch yours for about 5 seconds before they can skip. That means you have 5 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention.

The next thing is that even if they do get to skip your video and still get where they want, they still have to acknowledge your advertisement. They have to physically move a mouse to the edge and click X. Whether they think so or not they have absorbed some of your material. This gives you more bang for your buck than newspaper and radio advertising.

With radio a simple switch of the station and the customer has listened to less than a second of your advertising or none if yours isn’t the first playing. With newspaper, they don’t even have to look at one for a month if they don’t want to! Video advertising is the future.

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