Utilizing Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Tips on How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market Your Site

utilizing-social-media-to-drive-traffic-to-your-siteSo now you have built yourself an awesome website, what next? It wouldn’t do you any good if no one sees it, would it?

While many small businesses rely on their site as their basic marketing podium, they don’t know how to attract or drive traffic to their websites.

Having a well laid out plan for social media marketing can be the best approach to this form of communication.

Therefore, if you are looking for tips on how to use social media to market your site, you have come to the right place. By the time you finish reading the last word in this article, you will be the star in your own game.

 Include Your Website on Your Social Network Accounts

The first thing you need to do is to include your website’s URL to your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Each of this social network accounts has a space where you can include your site URL.

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Modern Marketing Strategy for the Generation Y Market

Targeting Millenials

targeting-millenialsIf you have a small business you may be wondering how to increase your customer base even after you have already advertised in the newspaper, radio and on your own website. What else is happening? Sure, maybe a television commercial would work. Although, many people now have a way to record live television and watch it later; fast forwarding through the advertisements. What else can you do to reach more people?

Online Video Advertising

online-video-advertisingThink about the last time you saw, well, anyone. Their phones were probably glued to their hands or they were telling you about their new tablet or fancy new laptop. Millennials are infamous for breaking away from all things traditional, meaning, small-medium sized businesses like yours need to keep up with the times.

Now, everything from social interactions to business is done at the speed of light online and other businesses have figured out how to fit in their company’s advertising into these interactions. Getting your business in front of these people is essential because this is where they are most of the time – online.
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Contemplating on Your Marketing Strategy

Deciding On Your Marketing Strategy

internet-marketing-strategyIndividuals can use online marketing to give customers what they are looking for, whether it’s a how-to video, informative article, or engaging online video. This is an opportunity for you to provide what they need. There are many different kinds online marketing efforts and there are many options you can use and take advantage of when you are looking for a marketing strategy to reach a specific niche market.

Having a clear and consistent message will help convince your target audience. Reaching out to influencers to promote your product will help drive traffic to your site and if you have the budget, advertise on YouTube or setup an Adwords or Bing campaign.

Working in Youtube allows you to add all sorts of different types of videos to advertise your services.  Videos such as the RSA style whiteboard videos are popular as well as general live action videos recorded from your PC.

With several options to choose from, choose the strategy that works best for your product, your budget, and your goal.
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Your Online Marketing Strategy

Super Bowl Ads

superbowl-adsSuper bowl ads are created and revised online; adding effects that make fantasy seem like reality and drawing millions of viewers into these creatively inclined videos. From a 10 – 15 second clip, your video can become the inspiration for a high class video production like a super bowl ad.

Video production is at its peak and the world is racing to discover the next big secret in online marketing.

Go Viral with Mobile Videos

It almost takes no amount of time to shoot a video using your mobile phone and uploading it to the internet to be shared on video sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Once your original content has been uploaded and has become viral, you are guaranteed to be the next internet sensation.
Video uploading and sharing is the most popular trend in today’s internet universe due to convenience and availability of devices like smartphones and tablets. And everyone has the opportunity to go viral with just the use of a cell phone and make money off the internet.
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